Porcelain tiles with marble effect

Porcelain Tiles

Luxury and elegance is the order of the day in terms of decoration. People want to have that perfect home movie that makes them feel that they own the world. So when decorating closely look at the details. allmarble_25

Therefore, the most wanted materials for this purpose are marble and porcelain. But in some cases you can be obtained both in one piece. And believe it or not, this is possible.

Marble pieces with appearance

The advantage of this type of porcelain is that resembles marble so it gives it a distinctive glow of polished stone. This material is so versatile that blends perfectly in a bathroom or in a living room. In addition, you can use other materials to complement the design.

Design marble effect porcelain tile is a classic that is combined with the latest designs. It is easy to clean and requires simple care with clean water and a handkerchief. These pieces have a particular brightness so you need not constantly polish. Always be bright and shiny.

Unlike the real marble, which is very delicate and requires a lot of maintenance; porcelain with this appearance reduces the chances of wear.


Marble effect types.

It is known that the marble has different finishes and textures. So manufacturers of porcelain with marble effect have created various types. You can choose from:


  • Travertine
  • Carrara
  • Pearly
  • Aged
  • Rustico
  • High brightness


What you should know about Porcelanato

evolutionmarblehall_01We know that is a popular coating construction. For many, it is an improvement compared to classical ceramic slabs. This is due to its ability to resemble different textures as wood, natural stone, fabrics and in this case, marble.

This material is made from a much finer and dense clay, therefore can be added in different minirales fine powder. Its low absorption is complemented by its extreme hardness, so you need a team with diamond tip to cut it. And it has the advantage of being environmentally friendly, because in case of fire, do not pollute even when burned.

Use porcelain tile with marble effect at home

For many reasons, you can choose porcelain floors with a nice marble effect. It not only will make the room or the exterior look luxurious, but gives more fully what gives value to the home.

The advantage of the porcelain tile is that it can find them in different varieties. In this case, the effect of marble in the porcelain, I can find it in different colors with the characteristic texture of marble. So that you can combine a granite counter with your kitchen floor with only one style of tile.


It is so easy to clean, you only need water and a clean mop. Do not use abrasive or special products. And its very low absorption, moisture penetrates so the appearance of fungi and bacteria is almost impossible. It is not necessary to dye and stains are easy to remove. So if you want to always clean floors, porcelain tile is your choice.

The price of this material may be higher than ceramic or wood. However, investment in these apartments is a very good, because maintenance is much smaller and lasts much longer than other materials.

In decorative terms, the porcelain is widely accepted by decorators. It is ideal for humid climates due to its low absorption, in addition to the range of colors shapes and styles. So if you are looking for luxury, elegance and a sophisticated, modern space complements the design of your home with porcelain tile with marble effect.

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