porcelain tiles look like travertine

Porcelain Tiles

There is no limit when decorating a space with natural stone. Having a flat or natural stone countertops are the dream of every housewife who wants a beautifully decorated home. However, not everyone has the budget for the things we want. We must therefore look for options that give us what we want but at an affordable price. Therefore, in this post we will discuss the porcelain-like travertine.


First of all, you should know that is the travertine. It is a stone used is the construction and renovation of resisdencias and offices. It is perfect for lining the walls. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a porous material recommended for outdoor use. Its polished or matt version, due to a special sealing pores covering pair indoor increased durability.


This type of material definitely increases the value of a property. This type of coating have certain characteristics. Travertine is a limestone that forms in freshwater springs and thermal source; thanks to dela gua cycles and carbon. Its components are calcite and gypsum and 99% of the minerals that make it up are colorless. It has a honey-colored hue by 1% trace sulfur coming yellow brown iron and organic pigments.

Its porosity is due to gas bubbles are trapped between the layers of stone. This creates spherical holes. It can be found especially in Italy, where the largest and most famous quarries are.

Travertine conservation tips

Note that the use of this material is very broad, like other natural stone. They are preferred for countertops in the kitchen or bathrooms. It is not as dense or hard as granite. It is waterproof, liquids such as coffee, juices or products with strong cleaning chemicals.

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To keep it clean, only you must pass a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Use a clean microfiber mop and supplement with a disinfectant. Keep sealing and polishing floors with such a polish or wax limestones.

Always try to remove dirt from shoes as this bay travertine. Try using a rug to help you. Use coasters as some acidic drinks can discolor the material. Do not use bleach if possible or any abrasive product that can discolor the stone.


The sealing of this material is very important if you want a polished finish. Try to seek the help of a specialist installation of this material and make a good seal that allows you to keep it clean and beautiful.

Porcelain like travertine

This beautiful stone though, can be costly. Both maintenance and the purchase and installation of it. Therefore, if you have the beautiful appearance of travertine but save a little, choose porcelain.

This material is the mixture of different clay materials that make it hard and resistant to everything. Its surface is very smooth so you do not enter or moisture or dust. The biggest advantage in this case is that it can simulate the appearance of almost any material. The porcelain find it in different colors and textures that can be very useful in your home.


It can be installed on the surface of your choice. It can be polished floor with limestone in appearance to honey tones will give an elegant touch to your home. While you want to have that same honey tone in your kitchen countertops, you can install without fear of damage or stains.

The porcelain-like travertine is the alternative to a natural stone that will be very costly if not in your remodeling budget. The porcelain is the choice for what they can not spend much time or money to the maintenance of a natural stone. So enjoy a beautiful limestone and travertine without buying it.

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