Porcelain tiles for living room

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have shown an advantage that other tiles have failed. It is adaptability and the ability to use on floors and walls without charging excessively or panorama view. The truth is that these tiles fulfill their function very well as they are resilient. Also are high quality coatings being durable. For both characteristics they are highly recommended for all areas of homes. Specially living room


Despite its many uses, we can say that the main strength of this material is the living room. This is because the finishes and designs applied porcelain tiles are usually simple and reflect light through light colors. Now if living rooms are designed to relax, light may bother us. However, natural light creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Also, if we like reading habits and study, light is a friend that we should not ignore. And if we need darkness simply turn off the lights or close the curtains so that we feel in our rooms because these floors do not cause annoying reflections.


Disadvantage in porcelain tiles.

For years, the tiles have been given a practical value. This is because these materials tend to retain heat easily receive and polishing work. Depending on certain factors, you may feel a sunny day this star we have in our home.

Why porcelain tile floors have adapted technology to repel or retain heat, anti-a reflection, anti -deslizantes and many other features. Through adaptation and study of our homes, we can avoid some discomfort. If we live in a tropical climate given the recommendation is to consult the reaction temperatures. You should consider that heat only what we want to feel on the beach and not in the house.

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If the problem is the cold can a simple porcelain tile coating does not withstand much as adapted to these circumstances and finally we have to think about the cleanliness factor. Remember that we are talking about the soils of the living room, an area of light traffic but absolute comfort. Since comfort you want in these areas may occasionally eat there, take something and accidentally forget cleaning.

Well, the tiles because it reminded us how beautiful clear colors porcelanato immediately warn us of the presence of dirt. But these are not the unique qualities and benefits provided by these tiles.

Compared with other types of tile

A living room should be comfortable and attractive, not very rustic and unflattering. So granite and wood pieces are not widely used, unless its design is country or rural. On the other hand we have the ceramics. These tiles covered with enamel and mostly clear colors, can compete with porcelain tiles. However the appearance of porcelain is what draws the attention of people, so it is the most chosen.


This is because their work is more dedicated and subtle. Instead, ceramics receives most of its luster and beauty of polishing and enamel. While ceramics is only clay, porcelain tile is manufactured based on clay feldspar and quartz. These materials are as strong as ceramics. This is due to the drying process involved and the strict measures of how prepare it.

Different decoration materials, do not let us an easy decision. However, until now the most viable and longer option is the porcelanato, thanks to its versatility.

Types of Porcelain for Livingroom.

When deciding on the porcelain, it is time to choose what type of porcelain want. These are classified based not only design but also processed form. They come from a single mass and are enameled. In some cases, the porcelain can be a single divided piece of the same material and thus have high resistance. Unlike porcelain enamel gets its strength and almost all characteristics of the enamel.


They also adapt well to other materials. They can be combined when installed with natural, satiny surfaces, rustic, semipulidas and completely polished. The porcelain can be used anywhere, so with a little imagination the living room can become a history museum in the most exaggerated case. We should note that the porcelain is not limited to the home. Thanks to its resistance and adaptability to every environment, works for industrial and artistic purposes.

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