Porcelain tiles looks like limestone

Porcelain Tiles

Although many do not believe true, many people choose homes according to the floor they have. These have the power to give value to a property or restársela. When a house or any other property has a stone floor, the value increases automatically. Therefore this time, the post is limestone and how we can get it for a lower price without your home lose value.



The combination of rustic and modern is gaining momentum in recent years. Increasingly, the union of rustic materials like natural stones modern interior designs, is seen in the homes of thousands of people. The stone can be a decorative element that provides both elegance and sobriety as a natural look and even some peasant.

Limestone is composed of different fragments of rock element, corals, sea shells and skeletons of marine animals. This form huge piles of sediment in the ocean that are compressed and pelleted by thousands of years, creating different layers. The source of this material are catacombs and cliffs. Some limestone with: plaster, coquina, travertine and lithographic limestone.


Their colors are usually clear; although much depends on the concentration of clay, quartz hematite or have the stone. This is a durable material, but does not last as much as granite. Furthermore, you can get different sizes.

This type of coating goes very well with traditional or contemporary designs. It can be used in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. Limestone will give you that simple, cozy and warm touch was looking for in a room. Cleaning should be regular and with warm water and a soft cloth.

Some stone maintenance tips indoors.

You should know that limestone is considered one of the toughest and most resistant materials. However, these require good maintenance. Sealing is very important as it provides a barrier that stops the accumulation of dirt prolonged. The stones are porous need this special treatment if used indoors. If this happened is not done, it will be a bad investment because risks that mache and easily soiled. Use up to three layers of sealed once the grout.


Remember to consult with experts on the time of sealing. This treatment must be done every so often. If you can use the vacuum cleaner regularly, do not hesitate to do so; this will absorb all kinds of dust in small cracks in the material.

Wipe immediately any liquid that spills on the surface and wipe it with a clean cloth and not mopping. Also, avoid the use of corrosive or scouring powder.

Porcelain similarly to limestone

Once we understand all that entails installing a floor or a coating of limestone find a cheaper option. Of course, if our budget can not cover the costs of this beautiful material.

And ceramics used in many aspects of the home, the porcelain can do the same for us. This hard and durable material to all kinds of environments can give the appearance to the limestone, thanks to the technology applied at the time of the tiles. This is a printed textured tile appearance, but with fine finish and smooth porcelain.


Installation is very easy, but it must be done by a professional. It is a very hard material and can be heavy so a new person in tile installation, you may not do the job well. Look for a professional who can urge and give a unique finish that no one would notice it but limestone porcelain.

Its maintenance is very easy. Only you need barrar regularly and mopping the floor with water. This material may stain if you use corrosive chemicals such as chlorine. Its smooth and nothing porous surface allows you to be kept free of bacteria or fungi caused by moisture or accumulation of dirt in the pores of the material.

Do not remove value to your home with low quality material. Give the feeling of elegance and sophistication to your floors with a porcelain-like limestone and hold very high the value of your property.

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