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Design Ideas

For years slabs or tiles purchase has been very simple: see the catalog, we choose one, we review it, we repeat the process if like to see something else, and finally, we proceed to complete the purchase. It’s simple, but it doesn´t end there when it comes to have the perfect floors. The truth is inventories stores have a huge variety of colors and shapes available for those who want to customize their homes floors. But rather than settle just with what they offer, we may request an own pattern design.


So we can simply choose an image, download it or print it and present it at the store. In this way the process of developing custom slabs starts. But not necessarily we must settle with that, for our interest may be stronger so we want to be part of the process. In some cases, the sores are willing to receive your digital design and make it for you.

For this we can use son drawing programs from design software. You can play with colors, patterns and figures and get what you want, but we can do it the old way, with pen and paper. The latter option is making a simple drawing pattern, which can be enough for some.

Steps performed once or design chosen

For make the new pattern on floor, we must measure the space where installation will take place. This step it’s the most important of all, for the end results depend directly on the right measurements. Regarding this point we can establish a scale for drawing, for example, establishing an inch on paper to represent a real foot in each measure. For redecorate you will need a scale drawing of the entire floor area.

Then we proceed to make a grid on the drawing. The grid must match the size of the largest floor tile use and smaller. Focus the grid with a row or a column exactly in the center of the space. Around the edges, the grid should not have the full size, so you can indicate where we need to cut the tiles if necessary.


Then we had the standard design and establish a pattern of color. The simple patterns on the grid indicate the exact location of each tile, each table in the drawing to scale, represents a tile. Choose the pictures according to the colors of tile we want in our floor design but be careful, we must be sure of each location, for what will deliver the work we receive.

If we want to create shapes or figures  besides different colors the plot thickens a bit. So when we work on complicated patterns we use tiles with different shapes in a different grid. With this we avoid confusion because only common patterns lead tiles of the same size by filling the squares of your drawing. It is advisable to draw on the back or on another sheet a sketch with the different ways that could place the slabs as if it were a puzzle and thus not dependent on a single employer in the event of an installation error or workmanship.


Urban patterns

May maps and patterns of large cities will be our motivation and muse when making the design of the slabs, but what are more complicated these efforts in this pattern? No, the truth is more of the same already mentioned but with a small difference, these patterns require more attention, more careful and more details. This is because the urban patterns often reflect the shape or details of a city and the truth is that so they are perfect need to pay attention to the smallest forms of the base drawing.

Many think that it is not necessary consider rigorous details if we refer to an imaginary place. But you must considere how will everithing look if you decide to work with green persosn who will avoid some process that will make the floor look exactly how you imagine.


Another point is the lack of attention on some details under furniture. Or what if the measures we take lightly and we must cut some of the tiles and remove details? Given these doubts really we can see that any custom design pales against each other. All the process require time, patience, and above all, care. We do not want to end up being a nest of dirt for thinking that their special design makes them immune. We must give attention to these soils like we would any part of the house.

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