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The home is the cradle of love, understanding and respect. So many housewives are dedicated to having it clean, tidy and good looking. The main point of a home is the kitchen, is where the affection and love for family members is demonstrated by preparing a delicious meal. For this reason, many want their kitchen look beautiful and reflect their style. Therefore we want to know how to choose the floors tiles for our Kitchen and as a complement to the decoration of the space.


Type suitable for kitchen floors

As we know, the kitchen is a special place where many things can happen. Therefore choose the floor must be something very important when remodel and redecorate your kitchen. You should consider its durability and how it affects the aesthetics of your kitchen and home design. Investigate the different materials that can be used on a kitchen floor. But to save you some work, we will give a short review of what materials you can use are, and decide which suits you.

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Ceramic it´s the most used material in kitchens. They come in different colors, patterns and textures. You can choose a dark color that contrasts with your kitchen countertops and enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere in this important space. The advantage of this type of material is its easy cleaning. Also, if you choose colors that enhance or tiles with designs you can hide scratches of everyday use, so you should make sure to have some quality.


This by far is the favorite material for designers. Its wide variety of colors and types of wood make it ideal for people who want a rustic and appealing to their kitchens look. You can choose from cherry, pine, birch, walnut and others. You know that this floor needs more attention in its maintenance as time tends to obscure.


This type of flooring is one of the cheapest, so if they perform a self build, this is a good material. This material provides a very good finish and is very easy to place. You can find it in many colors and designs as you like. In terms of durability, much it depends on the maintenance and care you give her.

Tile floors ar among the democratic decorative material for some time now. One of the best ways to create an eye catching kitchen floor tile is to employ subtle arrangement and gradations in color throughout the entire kitchen floor Installing your kitchen floor tile, whether ceramic, porcelain or stone, suggests a sense of value, durability and strength. How you mount the kitchen floor tiles depends on the surface where it will be mounted and the tile itself. Tools that are needed for Installing Kitchen Floor Tile: Tile and grout sealer, Tile cleaner Installation Steps: 1. If the kitchen has an existing vinyl floor and the owners wants to outfit it with ceramic tile, do non directly put in the tile on the vinyl floor because it will surely pop loose afterwards. Related Posts:Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas Kitchen Tile Backsplash Kitchen Backsplash Design Modern Kitchen Backsplash Pictures Modern Kitchen Tile


The stone, for years was considered a unique material for outdoor construction. But thanks to improved adaptation techniques treaty and interior design, is considered a good choice for your kitchen floor. You can use it if you want a rustic look on the kitchen floor slab. The disadvantage is that you clean it presents more than usual, because it is a rough material.

Especially in rustic kitchens styles put this material you could really remember that being a rough material needs a lot of cleaning especially in the kitchen.


If you want a luxurious and elegant kitchen, marble is your choice. Even if the cost is somewhat high, it is a material that can be used both on the floor and countertops and walls of the kitchen.

When re-decorating should note that the floors are complemented by a good overall design of the kitchen. So if you have chosen the style it is rustic, both on walls and countertops, you can supplement it with stone or ceramic rustic design. Many designers use bamboo flooring in different parts of the home, however, it is not recommended for the kitchen area. This is because they are not resistant to moisture; but it can be used in other areas perfectly.


Tips for a unique Kitchen

Often, the ideal kitchen have much depends on the taste of the person. If a woman appreciates a kitchen in light colors with white marble countertops in soft shades of gray, it may not like someone else who loves intense and contrasting colors with a dark pine wooden floor.

But the most common choice among demure interior designers, is ceramics. With its variety of textures, styles and colors, it is the most sought flooring material.


Renews with good designs and styles

As the most important room in a house, the kitchen should be charming and very well designed. Taking into account the spaces and colors you use is paramount. Regardless of the size you have, if you use the materials, you can make it elegant.

Many companies have to their buyers the opportunity to use wood with ceramic finish, so it will last longer. So you can decorate according to your priorities, as is your family.

You can also choose a ceramic with classic colors and make a pattern with other contrasting tile. They can be dark or brighter tones. Note that if you want more light in that space, it is best to opt for ceramic tile in white or a very close tone.

The kitchen floor gets dirty quickly, which is why you should put ceramic on the floor to make it easier to clean. For on the floor of your kitchen will place a ceramic of a surface that does not slip much.


 Decoration and maintenance tips

There are many types of decoration that would not get us the time to explain them all. However, it is good to study some to know which ones best suit you. You may like minimalist or vintage styles. If you do not have a clear idea of how you want to decorate, you may become more complicated than you think.

Consider the kitchen floor tends to get dirty easily, so the ceramic tile will be one of the best options. This is due to its fast and easy maintenance, without much effort or monetary investment. Regardless of the style you choose, always do so thinking about what suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and happy in.

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