Ceramic tile vs laminate flooring

Design Ideas

We all know that if a floor does not look good, hardly will think well of homeowners. The floors talk about the lifestyle of each person, even if they are few resources. Therefore, choose as decorate them and keep them beautiful is very important for aesthetics and hygiene of our home. It is time we should know that floor when deciding between ceramic or laminate flooring.


Laminate flooring

It is a soil derived from wood in several layers. Its final layer is a synthetic compound composition varies. Said compound is melamine resin at high pressure, with a printing pattern imitating wood or other materials. They can be customized photographs, brick or other material.

This type of flooring comes in various thicknesses and lengths. In some cases it can be adapted to customer demand, but only for special cases. There is a large market for this material with so many styles and designs as colors and textures. I can find almost all kinds of imitation wood. You can also mimic stone or ceramic.

Sometimes laminate flooring can have both texture and relief, so they are ideal for an innovative décor. This happens with some brands that offer rustic finishes. This type is flat has been very popular the last 20 years and is the most economical material market along with vinyl floors.


Characteristics of laminate floors.

This type of soil is guaranteed between 5-35 years. So that its composition is resistant to deformation. The standard material can not withstand constant contact with water or moisture, so we recommend using a special material. It is much tougher than the varnished wood, so it resists scratches or wear everyday use.

Usually, this type of material is used in bars or clubs, for its resistance to stains, cigarette burns and abrasion.

Tips for keeping a laminate floor in good condition

You can start by verifying that films have as anchor pieces in perfect condition. This is important because if they are not in good condition can end up breaking or in the minor cases, each time you press the defective sheets sound. Remember that open joints are seen with the naked eye.

They are simply resistant to stains, chemicals and sun, so it will be very practical and economical short, medium and long term.


Note that the dimensional stability of the material, and the behavior that is before water and moisture. If the area has these characteristics, it is best to use a material specially designed for wet locations. Also take into account the thickness and density of the board.

Seek the advice of a professional installation of this type of soil, as it can help you get the best price and quality of the material according to your needs. Due to the large market out there, it is very difficult to choose something good and safe.


A contrast to the ceramic and laminate flooring

If we consider that ceramics is the material most commonly used in construction and decoration of spaces, you may always opt for it. But when we have to coat a large space and our budget is very small, we can choose to laminate flooring. Despite being an imitation wood, it is very useful when this coating a room or a bedroom.

Pottery is very colorful and has different textures and patterns that can be used in different designs. Likewise, laminate flooring presents a series of faux textures that can be a good complement for the home.


Overall, the lamino is excellent for open and very widely, thanks to its economic investment spaces. But in terms of wet rooms it is better to opt for ceramics. This ensures there are no problems with fungi and is extremely durable. Besides easy cleaning it makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

We recommend that if you place a laminate, place a socket to complement the style of the floor. Furthermore note that if splinter from a blow or wet sanding and can not mend. It must be completely replaced.

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