Ceramic floor tiles vs vinyl

Ceramic Tiles

We are never consistent when it comes to our home. We always want to improve something, or change the color of a wall and even decided out of nowhere renew our floors. Therefore, we must always have a budget according to a furtive renewal. Here we show how to achieve economic remodeling floors making a comparison between ceramic and vinyl flooring.

The most popular option in these cases is ceramics. This is for your endless variety that include both colors, patterns and textures. Do a makeover with ceramics is the best way to start a year.

Unfortunately not everyone has enough to destroy a current floor and place a new one. It is, therefore, a  very good idea to choose vinyl. For its different models and easy placement, it is a very valid option if we want to change a bit the atmosphere.

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Ceramic or vinyl

It is truethat ceramic provides a sophisticated and very neat environment. Gives incredible shine and sometimes with the right colors. They are most often used in bathrooms and kitchens alternative. However, installation is not always an advantage. If not for those people who like to do the housework, you should hire someone to install it. You must invest more money for materials, adhesives and labor. Compared to vinyl, ceramic can be damaged or splintering. So it will not always be good or economical for you. Therefore, many prefer vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring

They are known for PVC floors. It is a continuous plastic coating. It consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Today, vinyl flooring is a powerful design tool. Decorators have taken a lot of value to use in their designs. They are implemented in high-traffic areas, areas that should always be clean or edible areas.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, vinyl has become resistant to cat scratches, tears or holes. They are much easier to maintain and are resistant to moisture. They are popular materials in kitchens and bathrooms. They have many models, styles and colors you can acquire.


This material is widely used in the industry. It can be used to place a company logo or to guide lines in a hospital or shopping mall. This excellent material fits your need, you can mimic wood or ceramic if desired. Furthermore, it is very easy to cut so you can make vinyl tile.

Advantages vinyl flooring

Usually, we complained about the noise that make the wood when walking or sounds of heels on marble or ceramic. This does not happen with vinyl because it cushions the weight and reduces noise, giving comfort to your feet.

For its part, it is highly resistant to moisture and stains. They are very easy to clean because it does not absorb dirt. Installation is much cheaper and maintenance is very low and accessible to all.

Care vinyl flooring

Its non-slip surface makes it practical for all applications. They are very easy to clean. However, you are sure to make a sweep every day. This prevents the sand from building up. On the other hand, liquid spills should be cleaned immediately, before they dry. Clean them with warm water and a clean cloth. If necessary, place a mat at entrances.

No need to be replaced is steady, because they are very durable. Placing the carpet, it is ensured that at least 90% of residues are dirty shoe eliminator. It should be so, because the dirty acts like sandpaper wearing floor slowly. Do not drag furniture to avoid scratches and lampacee the floor with the mop very well squeezed.

Decoration Options

Although many do not believe, vinyl is marking the tendency in the decoration. Here we show you some decorating options that may interest you. They are economical, practical and very striking and attractive.


  • In the kitchen: This area of the house receives a lot of fat, moisture and transit. Remember that this floor has anti-slip and athermal properties. Always be bright thanks to its stain protection. It also gives you an alternative decoration, as you can choose a bright color or a special texture to go with the style of the kitchen.
  • In the bathroom: No one wants to change the traditional ceramic tile in the bathroom. Not that you see but many want their bathrooms reflect a style and not only for what you use. For practical and easy cleaning you can use vinyl designs or patterns that allow the person to play with the spaces, whether to extend it with a mosaic or to give light with light colors.
  • Wallpaper: This no longer works only for floors. It has taken this material to another level with the wall decoration. It is very durable and washable and can find any kind of design, even for children’s rooms. Remove it is just as easy to install and so we worry more about it.

Enjoy your home with ceramic or vinyl flooring.

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