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The elements that decorate the kitchen are as important as the salt in the food. The union of appliances, countertops, backsplashes and floors are something that should not be taken lightly. For this reason in this post we will see how porcelain tile countertop can be a good option for your kitchen.

Your project for the kitchen should have all defined and set details, and know that top place should not be overlooked. There are many options to choose from, all offer very good benefits for different purposes. So you must be very careful in choosing what really serves you.

How to choose countertops

As a space intended to labor, materials and element used there must be of very good quality and resistant to daily use. All members of a household use the kitchen, so this must be prepared for everything. In this case, countertops need to be of a very durable material.

Porcelain tile for kitchen countertop

Thanks to the combination of materials such as glass and stone, porcelain is here to stay. It is one of the most used lately decorative elements in the decoration and construction. It is uniform and durable. Goes through a process of dissolution and crystallization of ceramics with silicon to give it that natural touch to porcelain.


Thanks to technology, porcelain tile countertops are durable and very resistant to heat, no damage or burns on its surface. It is extremely hard, so you do not have to worry about bumps; also does not absorb water. This material is resistant to both chemical and daily use. So, generally speaking, is your best choice.

Other special materials for their kitchen countertops


We have a variety of materials, among these is the laminate. These countertops are composites of a solid base on which a plastic sheet sticks. The variety of finishes and colors has evolved a lot. You can find patterns and colors. Some have a board waterproof chipboard.

A disadvantage is that moisture can easily filtered. You must ensure that the joints are well sealed.



The other option that we can use is wood. As a natural and beautiful resort, it is a material that is widely used in the decoration of the house. However, it requires constant maintenance. Not very resistant to moisture, cuts or scratches.

Sophisticated materials

These materials are granite and marble. These special materials are the best choices for a kitchen countertop. They are extremely hard and last for years. You can find them in gray and black tones, as they are the most used. They are extremely easy to clean and can easily get a shiny finish.


If you have good budget you can enjoy these wonderful decorative materials. They are very heavy so installation is done by parties should be for very large spaces.

In the case of marble, it is porous, so it is used less than granite. This can absorb oil stains. It requires constant maintenance.


What is new is the quartz

To make your kitchen countertop is beautiful, durable but cheaper than marble, quartz we found. This material are coming from an industrial process in which natural quartz particles with polyester resin are mixed. Which results in a hard agglomerate. His style is more modern than granite and there are a variety of colors. On the other hand, its weak point is the heat. Try not to place hot things directly into the material.


Contrast between Steel and Glass

Unlike other kitchen countertops, the stainless steel can be together forever. They have no problems with moisture, shock or high temperatures. Leaves no marks together, because it can cover large areas and unite the whole kitchen. Polished finishes are not a good idea since scratches were noticed, so it is best opaque finish.


In contrast we have the crystal. Thanks to improved technology, have made shock resistant and cat scratches. They are special for modern environments for industrial or minimalist styles, thanks to its transparency.


Hopefully with these tips, you can wisely choose their pair to the kitchen countertop. Enjoy your spaces as well as his family. Do not forget that the busiest place of the house is the kitchen, and she created many memories as meals. Choose the best for you.

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