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When we think of the story we decided to always install imagine beautiful, bright and dazzling. It is for this reason that the first option when choosing them are always those slabs made of quality materials, easy to clean, durable and adaptable to any environment. But whatever option we consider for our apartments there is something we keep in mind it is that never kept in good condition if you do not care. In this post we´re going to help you get a nice and good polish floor


Like any part of our home our stories deserve attention. And we say this only to prolong their durability. We mentioned that thinking floor first thing that comes to our mind is the beauty that radiated. To achieve this beauty must also perform some tasks. That’s right, everything related to the care of our home requires effort but well worth it.

It is for this reason that we will see some steps then we should consider or continue to maintain our home floors not only in good condition but bright. We clarify beforehand that the process for this is the polish. Polished floors reflect not only uniquely beautiful but speak of home owners to recommend them as thoughtful people who care properties. However, the polish is not always easy. But it is possible to make this work.

Does it depend on the type of tile?

Yes. The polishing process varies in intensity depending on soil type with which we are working. The easiest polishing usually the smooth cement and concrete. These noble and resistant materials are perfectly suited to any home space where we choose to use them. more importantly ease to clean it makes them the favorites in traffic areas and risk of staining.


However porcelain tiles, ceramics, wood and stones are also options that are taken into account for households and therefore not leave aside. But take the polishing process smoothing soil cement and concrete is usually applied because the same process for other simple materials such as stone tiles. In the case of both types of tile first thing to consider is the thickness of the slabs and their characteristics.

What are the characteristics for considerer polish a floor?

While usually not very different from normal these tiles if a bit thicker the material used to manufacture them and use that are given. Parts are designed to areas where traffic will be constant and continuous and consequent deterioration can be reflected quickly. Therefore the thickness allows the material is more resistant but not grinding easier. A thicker comes a greater effort to maintain its shine.

Since we are clear as the first point that the resistance makes the material more rustic and so requires a little more attention we can move to the next. This is the appearance. Although based on these sturdy and durable materials they are not simple to treat. Depending on the material from which the tile treatment may be even more special manufactured. If they are partially decorated or have colors also require attention. But such care is not based on effort but delicately when polishing. The objective in these cases will highlight the print art, not erase it gradually to erode the tile with excessive polishing.


A third case we want to mention apart, despite having spoken of manufacturing materials as such; It is tiles microcement. Those made with this material usually have the characteristics of those already mentioned. But they vary in color thereof thus obtained a special character. In addition combined with other types of flooring such as those already explained and ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. The company of the same material factor influences when making the polishing.

Ceramic and porcelain floors

These soils do not require much attention based on effort but based on finesse. This is because the top layer is a glaze that allows them to be durable while keeping their vivid colors. If we abuse in the work of polishing, polishing machines constantly using for example; the deterioration of the floors will be notable as will reduce its life.

For this reason we must be careful with both types of floors to polishing. But if they do not require much effort if they need attention. So we can make good planning for the cleaning and polishing and keep our bright and clean floors.

How to make the polishing process

Believe it or not the work of care and maintenance of our apartments we can start them even before installation. Among the first steps we can take to keep our polished floors is applying for a special treatment to manufacturers. The request for application of a special sealant and waterproofing can be performed. The result is that our floors will be much more resistant to stains and liquids.

The next step we can take is to use the traditional method of polishing paste or wax. It is a process that we all know that can be done by hand, using machines or cleaning utensils. Despite being the simplest this is both the strongest it involves work on all floors of our home so that all stand out. In this case the soil is recommended stained first wax remover.


A third step that can make easier the second is to perform a daily cleaning with a damp cloth. This process remain clean and ready to be polished floors anytime. But we must be careful with the products that we use for some cream or multipurpose cleaners can reach stain the tiles.

Finally we must avoid using metal sponges, sandpaper and acids (must check the PH of the product used, should preferably be neutral) because these all do considerable damage to the tiles. Furthermore cases should immediately be candle wax stains, bleach, coffee, wine or vinegar. These elements are highly damaging and difficult to remove are not removed immediately. We hope the information in the article is to your liking and that will be useful for the care of your floors.

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