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In this blog, we talked different times about choosing tiles, how to install and even that is better in certain areas. We know that the tiles can be our best allies in decorating a kitchen or living room. But the fact that very little is said about their finishes. So in this post we’ll talk about grouts and as they stand or renewed.

What is the tile grout?

For it is the material found between each tile. It is the material and which are filled joints and gaps between each tile ls to support them. The slurry provides a tile floor clean and tidy appearance. Regretfully, it may eventually this cracking or staining.


The truth is that the tiles can last long. But in the case of the slurries it is important that every few years are reviewed to ensure they are in good condition. This can be a real problem, because it allows the entry of moisture under the tile.

How to repair an old grout.

When we put the tile floor for the first time, we made sure to fill all the spaces between the joints. We do it with cement or glue with which the tiles were installed. However, removing them can be more complicated than placing the first time, but here we’ll show you how to do it easily.

First you will need some materials:

  • scrub brush.
  • Cleaner grouts
  • Sierra Grout
  • Wet rag



The first thing to do is clean the joints with scrub brush and cleaner. As removing dirt, rust and traces of grout. Then the entire area dry completely. Then using the saw, you can remove the grout that is damaged or cracked. This tool will grind the grout and are very economical.

With the damp cloth, you should wet or dampen the area where you will place the new grout. You should not spend wet, just make sure that this otherwise well wet grout will not bond well.

It is time to move to mix the grout. Do not do it with much earlier time as it can dry and damage. As a next step you spread over the surface you want to repair and a grout float softens. Apply some pressure even as you do this.


Then you can level and with your wet fingers you soften the grout between the joints. Finally, the slurry mixture removes the tiles before it dries. It can be with a rubber brush or sponge. If you desire you can apply a sealer to prevent joints are filled with mold or stains over time.

After the tile floor is installed, the next step is grouting the spaces between the tiles. This task takes less time and labor to install the tile; however, you will continue working even kneeling for a long time. Here you will find as grouted a tile floor in one day.

Some tips for doing a good job

If you have a floor with patterns or a specific color, you can choose the color of your grout. If you choose a light color can accentuate the tiles and mix. This way grout can be invisible. Now if you’re looking to accentuate a pattern or structure, choose a dark color.

  • If you have installed yourself tiles, a color that matches help conceal imperfections you were left if the case. Choose something that contrast and that can be part of the pattern that you already have.
  • Now a dark color can help a lot in crowded areas, since conceals stains and much easier to clean.
  • Choose a dark color for the busiest areas. Grouts light colored or white will be difficult to keep clean.
  • Note that not sanded grout is prone to crack if joints are very wide. Thus if the joints are narrower choose this type, but choose the gravelled.
  • Remember to wait for the tile adhesive to dry completely.
  • According to the instructions, the slurry mixture as indicated by the packaging. Mix necessary to implement within half an hour.

a tiler carries on floor tiles on the grout. grouting of tiles.

Useful Tips for Beginners

  • To mix the material you need to pour in a bucket ¾ grit and water and mix with a trowel, then pour the rest of the sand in ¼ water and remixed. The mixture should be a thick paste, so if you add more water will not harden well.
  • With a shovel, check the grout in the remotest to the door tile. It always starts in a corner.
  • To clean, fill two buckets with water and a clean sponge diagonally to remove excess mixture. Rinse the sponge in the second water and thus prevent hardening sponge.
  • Try to seal them every 6 months or annually. This will help to keep them in good condition and moisture can not seep.
  • Use kneepads or something comfortable for the knees. This is because you’ll be on them for a long time. Also, if the grout is sanded that can damage your knees.
  • Remove all materials used once you finish to avoid any kind of accident or damage to the work.


Now you can enjoy perfect floor at all times without the help of a professional. It only requires patience, a little time and dedication on your part to make your home look perfect.


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