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It’s not about having the best home, the best car or the best view; everything is as we keep and how it looks. You may obtain a house in the best place in town, but we have no use but in good condition. A coating can change the whole mood of a room, whether for good or ill.


Mostly, people choose ceramic tiles as the main coating. This is due to its versatility and easy acquisition. It is the most popular material in the market and the most used worldwide. But not everything is based on ceramics; There are other types of coating. This is enough to determine the tile that we use and how to use it right.

Using tiles creatively

The advantage tiles have any kind is that they can be installed both floors and walls. Moreover, some tiles can be used in concrete furniture such as kitchen countertops, bars, closets and more. Another of the many advantages of tile is that it is a much more accessible and less expensive than a wooden floor or granite option.


Designers, both indoors and outdoors, seek inspiration to create a unique space for each client. For this reason, many use mosaic tiles with patterns or drawings or textured to give that original touch. Also they used to give effects of light or dark in places, depending on the colors.

Unique creative uses and tiles

If you have chosen to place a pattern, either on walls or floors, it is necessary that you determine the direction this will take. This is because if only you put tiles with rimero comes out of the box, the result will be a messy and unattractive surface. If possible draw a picture of how you would like to see the end result and places the tile accordingly.


Individual tile

Once you know how to make a beautiful pattern, you can play in styles. You can use individual tiles in the middle of a defined pattern. Maybe you can take a tile with a specific drawing and place it in the middle of each tile or a certain amount of centimeters. By doing this you can create a unique and customized image that will give life to space


Another option is to make a row of tiles of drawings and another row of tiles. There are no limits when it comes to decorating with them.

Interlaced lines

These ceramic tiles are great for patios and terraces. The lines on tiles highlight the areas giving a mosaic effect. You can create patterns in a room by placing a focal point, mainly in the center of the room. This will help balance the rest of the design giving a neutral touch to what you leave around.


Use tiles  at the edges of the walls

As we know, is in the kitchen ceramic tile are implemented. So the designs for these spaces are innumerable. You can make parallel patterns when installed in a column or on the edge of a counter or stop.

Another idea that can give you a originala touch your home, is to place them in a wall of the entrance of the house. They can do without paint or wallpaper and choose a tile with a pattern, pattern or texture that matches what you want and settle there. Be sure to use ceramic slats at the edges and corners of the wall to look after the finish.

Changes from traditional to innovative

Today the technique is used isinglass. It is a figure of V make each piece. The tiles are placed diagonally. This type of installation must be done by a professional, to avoid any error in design. You can use rectangular or square pieces.


Sections of patterns

A final use of ceramic tile patterns is to design sections. You must choose two types of tiles, one with striking design or texture and the other in plain and neutral. With some slats can complement the design. It starts in the middle of the room forever, then go placing the slats according to the area and ends with a unique and attractive finish to your decor

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