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The surrounding areas receive much attention pools like it, this is because if the surroundings are neglected can convey the wrong message general maintenance and is why many give ample attention to this point. But while it is true that matter what you see around the pool matters even more. This is due to provide image around the pool but that will be exposed to moisture and chemical factors, the constant traffic and perpetual water level.


In view of these factors others decide to give more attention to the pool but, although we do not intend to discourage neither one nor the other; In this article we discuss ways to be balanced, because as already mentioned influences but what surrounds the pool, if we make good decisions instead of being a recreation area can become an area of accidents. Is it possible to speak of both? Of course, although in this article we will give more attention to the pool around which begin this analysis with an example.

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Something that includes both the pool and the surroundings is the choice of flooring and finish will use it. When building the pool we are careful in this regard because we know that the depends on both the pool and its perimeter. More importantly, the elected allow specific type of coating adhesion pool? This other question arises because otherwise other investment will be required to place a layer if you allow accession. As we see it is possible to take both factors equally important. But we begin the analysis of the most important factors of the pool.


Tiles for pools

Perhaps you have thought that would be the pipes, stairs, utensils, security or other factor, but the truth tiles are the soul of a pool and for that reason not only should think that place but also devise a good maintenance program . Pool tiles have to be slip-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to the action of chemical agents, as well as gradual or sudden changes of temperature.

Why slip? Upon emptying may not remain whole surface of the edges of the pool so as thought leveled and therefore during one day can be generated using small accumulations of water. Tile non slip a little carelessness can lead to an accident to put our feet on this fluid accumulation. And this in the best, because as we know the constant humidity creates silt and this in turn can lead to accidents even in small amounts.


A slip resistant surface can allow some silt to accumulate moisture on a hot day or by constant traffic over a small pond, but if someone slips a little in the area of the pond non-slip surface prevents an accident it stops tread to slide on the tile without the pond slime immediately. But once the emptying worth confirm uneven areas to cover them and avoid the risk of silt accumulation and consequent accidents.

Features of tiles for pools

Resistant: Since moisture produces bacteria and slime when combined with dust stuck cleaning products for pools lis are extremely strong, such as chlorine used for washing and before emptying it has a concentration 4 times higher than normal , so those who apply make gloves and masks although not directly touch a tile with little resistance to chemical agents have a very low durability.

Easy to clean: because the cleaning products are concentrated pools needed the kind of tile does not require too much attention to remove dirt. It is therefore often choose the tiles that are not only durable and slip but also to allow quick cleaning otherwise responsible for maintenance would have to enter them while in effect chemicals and this is a risk that not you can run or never allowed.


Types of tiles

We know we need to install the tiles in our pool, but still do not know what our options are. Well, first we have the athermal tiles, slabs pool perimeter or different materials, colors, designs and sizes. Not only are they not slip but also raise its temperature by direct sunlight. Ceramic and Porcelain tile are among these but you have to verify their degree of resistance and quality.

blue ceramic tiles mosaic in swimming pool

But if we want something different to the perimeter we can think of coated wood slabs. These slabs must be treated with wax to be resistant to moisture and not become contamination factors. These special slabs (which only have their name by the way) have very good qualities filtering and add warmth.

Natural stone tiles are also recommended for perimeters. The most commonly used are quartzites, sandstones and limestones. These tiles are slip resistant and porous structure collaborates with problems prevent falls even if the presence of silt.

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