Which floor tiles are good?

Floor Tiles Advice

Floor tiles can be a color or have designs embossed on them. But each of the types of tile flooring offers advantages and disadvantages. With a good understanding of the benefits of floor tiles for each type of household, you can easily choose the best to install. Nearly all types of floor tiles offer a variety of colors and sizes, and many offer different textures to make the surface more non-slip floor.

But how can we choose a type of tile? Knowing a little more about them, let’s see some:


The ceramic tile created with clay minerals and water pressed together serve as a durable surface. The tiles may have the added coloration during the first and only baked, or coloring and enamel go before the second trip through the heat of the oven. Cooking simple tile is resistant to breakage, whereas the double cooking has a surface that is resistant to stains and scratches.

Ceramic tiles are fire resistant and do not emit toxic gases. They are a good choice for bathroom floors, kitchen and laundry because of its water resistance. They are also easy to clean and disinfect. They can be installed in sunny places without the sun’s fading.

Like tile floors, the ceramic having a degree of wear based on its hardness. Choose tiles with an appropriate degree of wear to the room where you plan to install.


Porcelain tiles are denser and harder than ceramic tile, so they are the best choice for areas of the house with heavy traffic. They have less clay and feldspar composition, which is a mineral.

These tiles are waterproof, stain and scratch. Since they are stronger than ceramic tiles, you can place heavy objects, such as the refrigerator, on them without breaking. The styles and colors of porcelain tile can mimic the appearance of natural stone, tile, wood and metal. This nonporous material does not need a special sealant to protect it and is easy to maintain.

Natural stone

Natural stone options include marble, travertine, limestone, slate and granite. Each style stone is available in many colors, is durable and has the option of a smooth finish, matte or textured. Natural stone is resistant to allergens and bacteria. Depending on the stone, you may have to end with a protective surface to achieve full protection to water sealer, stains and damage.


The terracotta tiles provide a warm ambiance to a room. While they feel softer underfoot than some other tiles are durable. You must seal the surface during installation and periodically thereafter to protect them from tarnishing. These tiles are water resistant, and also to allergens and bacteria. This makes them a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Other options

Those mentioned are the most common options, however, are not the only ones. Then we discuss other types of tiles that while floors are specifically for bathrooms are also options to consider for these areas of our home just as not all are good choices:

1- Carpeted Floor Bath

It is a bad choice for bathroom floor. You should know that you should never mix the bathroom floor carpeted with moisture, since it is a natural enemy. As you walk you’ll notice a very bad feeling about wet carpet or rug.

If you have the idea of installing carpet bathroom floor, better products use 100% synthetic, and water-resistant adhesive without solvent. For better insulation, you must install carpet under a concrete floor or paving with ceramic flooring, so the cost of this type of soil can skyrocket.

2 Bath Floor Natural Wood

It has a very short life, requiring treatment every year, and if the wood will tend to open not care very often.

3- Laminate Floor Bath

It is a very good material. This normally made of recycled plastic, and is fairly resistant to moisture. There are many manufacturers who place a “noble” wood layer on top for a better look.

Against him, I must say that it is very easy to get scratched when walking on it, even the heels do not wear caps, can leave marks on the floors wooden laminated flooring nail because carrying the subject. In addition, the finish can vary greatly from one sheet to another, need treatment for moisture every year because it is quite common that you may suffer a lot of damage in a short time.

4- Floor Bath Natural Stone

Although it is a good choice for a bathroom floor or toilet rustic type, it is a rather expensive material because it is a natural and delicate product. It has no problem with moisture as it assimilates perfectly. It is very slippery and requires a texturing process so that it can be rough and slip.

It also has the disadvantage that when placing it a bit more expensive for their peculiarities and difficulties of putting reform bath when done. Anyway, it is a very special soil and does not fit all works or reforms. From my experience in Alicatados and Solados, I am of the opinion that one should use this type of soil in rustic houses, cottages or country-style establishments or cottages.

This type of material is quite cold when your feet touch and compared to other materials is much more expensive, plus your placement usually also less economical.

5- Bath Floor Marble or Granite

It is an excellent choice for your reform or work floor bathroom. Granite and marble are natural stones and as with granite countertops and marble countertops moisture does not penetrate them. They are very durable and resistant. It is truly a unique and exclusive bathroom.

Touch with his feet gives a cold but pleasant feeling. You should be placed or installed by a professional with Thin Layer technique, because if it is not placed well, it should be a real luxury bathroom can end in a complete botch. Only has the disadvantage that it is quite expensive and also its placement is also less expensive than other materials such as ceramics.

6- Bath Floor Tiles

These are an excellent choice for your bathroom floor. Moisture does not affect anything, are very durable. We have many ranges to choose from for their wide variety of sizes, textures and formats tiles. Touch is very nice. The price is very economical.

7- Bath Floor Stoneware or Porcelain Tile

Stoneware or Porcelain Tile is without doubt the best option for all bathroom floors. For nothing penetrates moisture, it is very durable, has excellent quality when touch with his feet as long barefoot walk on them.

Land prices Stoneware for the bathroom is not very expensive, you can be found Gres Gres porcelain or about 10 euros per square meter at target price. It has many colors. Sizes often square of 33,3 x 33,3 cm, although more and more people ask me stoneware paving rectangular shapes, and large formats.

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