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Worldwide tile installation is a part of the process of home decorating . However, in many countries only the traditional styles are accepted to respect local customs. But this does not happen to everyone and that is why we want to talk a bit about how, regardless of years of tradition and history; in many countries it is losing ground to international changes. Specifically we focus on how in India is having this changes in tiles installation, dispise of being a country with prejudice in many respects and legendary traditions.

The first thing to say is that it has not been easy, but nevertheless the ethyls and trends in European countries gradually managed to enter India. It is a trend that is striking because once the first steps in the market for slabs saw its inventories offers flooded with a torrent of designs that not only included traditional and foreigners, but also mixtures of both were given. But even more surprising was the way the slabs was incorporated in commercial structures.


True, we can do it, you can see anywhere in the world, but how many times have you seen a shop with a good pavement? If I had seen was it something simple or complex? We emphasize this point because the floors with elaborate sets, with excessive detail and with beautiful representations have received acceptance in commercial areas and homes while new forms of installation, new designs and large projects for each section of the home are devised or office where they are installed.

You really have grown so much soil market in India?

The diversity and at the same time a custom style are qualities characteristic of the inhabitants of India, so rarely allow something retains the same hue continuously. When you think of their soils Hindus scheduled a plan under which there would place 2 times the same type of slabs or at least not repeat the same pattern in 2 different areas. Plus they have become familiar well with each type of slab, so when making purchases choose the most resistant and easy to clean kitchens and bathrooms, for bedrooms and common rooms attractive and resilient floors and slabs of polished stone large highlighting in these rooms.


Take into account the effect that the sunlight gives each type of slabs and so take the time to select the color used and, depending on the size of the room, also they decide the size of the slabs. As we can see, far from simply choose how to decorate have taken seriously the work of beautifying the home and do their best to achieve this goal.

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What are the best slabs in India?

The truth is that as in the international market is difficult to choose only one type of slabs or tiles. We must remember that despite the warm weather environments change, traditions remain more or less in one place than another and ideas of decorating a home may be different in another. Therefore, this choice depends on each buyer, but, far from giving up; we can make some recommendations on how to choose the appropriate type of tile for our home, our own answer to the question: What kind of tile is best?

The first thing to do is access to the internet to know the prices of each type of tiles and thus be preparing our personal budget. We should note that average prices usually gives internet, not accurate, so we depend on each store or seller if this data compared to its price rises, falls or remains. Once we have the budget we will proceed to visit the shops. In them we see the varieties of design, the types of tiles choose based on what we see and not what we think.


In some stores offer free samples with them can go home, see how it would be that design in the area you plan to modify and then weigh against your budget if it is feasible to make the purchase or follow Search options. Sooner or later we will reach a deal to convince us and this, although it may not be the most economical if not that seems most appropriate according to the price and performance or the more simple and accessible; our approach will be our choice when choosing our apartments.

Changes in the homes of the exotic India

While we took a response based on what we call our choice of the best type of slabs in India, already stated and explained what we can add patterns followed in that country to choosing the slabs. For gardens to natural stone is used to preserve the appearance while garnish. Others prefer granite but most opt to use this material with other types of tiles with stylish colors and patterns in the interior areas of the home.


Kitchens are an example as this material has an extreme wear resistance and transit time and fats, liquids and constant cleaning. The anti-skid ceramic and porcelain of this type are usually chosen for baths and rooms, or kitchens where it is decided that the granite is not the best choice because its layers of glaze also become resistant. For rooms limestone is usually the choice as travertine, slate and again crystallized porcelain and ceramic.

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